Tyrion Lannister


Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming

Tyrion Lannister

I was in charge of creating Tyrion digital double for the trailer. Modeling, Texturing, LookDev and Grooming. Tyrion was very special, not only because I love this actor but also it made me learn all bunch of new techniques during the process. Special thanks to Stu Bayley, David Weaver and James Kirkham to guide me during the whole process.

Getting the likeness was tricky as we were not provided with any scan or references, so I had to google/pinterest around to get good ones in order to get it right. I ended up eyeballing most of the features really

For the head and hands I used the displace and polarized faces from TexturingXYZ

You can see the Trailer here: http://www.realtimeuk.com/video/game-of-thrones/
Big thanks to the RealtimeUK to let me be part of this. The work done from the studio is just EPIC! Kudos to everyone involved 

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