Zbrush 2019 BETA

Marlon r nunez spiderverse main

Trying to get the spiderverse look

Marlon r nunez final body turntable

I created this character based on the spiderverse universe in order to recreate a 2D development look using the new NPR and filter system

Marlon r nunez marlon nunez 02


Marlon r nunez animationcompo
Marlon r nunez spiderman clay
Marlon r nunez spiderman viewport
Marlon r nunez main

Lately I have been reading a book to my old kid called "The Journey" from Aaron Becker which made me want to draw back again landscapes and kids like big pictures, the good point of this book is the fact is all illustration so you can sort of made the sto

Marlon r nunez alternative01
Marlon r nunez closeup
Marlon r nunez bw alternative1
Marlon r nunez bw alternative3
Marlon r nunez clay
Marlon r nunez videogame

Using the NPR and filters to develop a more retro indy game look

Marlon r nunez videogame 0
Marlon r nunez videogame 02

Zbrush 2019 Top 5 features webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Kxs6Gdo7kU
These are the images I created during the beta testing period this year. I felt in love with the new NPR capabilities so I decided to create ilustration like images. Very easy to use the new filters and get excelent results, as the filters itself will add you the beauty pass you need + you can always tweak them in realtime!

Is always a pleasure working with the Pixologic guys and help on the development of this amazing tool!