Stylized Character Course

Marlon r nunez compo 01
Marlon r nunez turntable cartoon
Marlon r nunez 10
Marlon r nunez turntable2
Marlon r nunez zbrush 02
Marlon r nunez zbrush 01
Marlon r nunez zb turntable
Marlon r nunez topocompo
Marlon r nunez artheroes girl final concept

Concept developed by Nico Lee Lazarus

How to make this character from zero to hero:

Hey guys, this character was made for Art Heroes Academy online course on Stylized Character Creation. I'm pretty stoked that we're launching this course in a few weeks, and it's high time to join the waitlist. Registration is open here -

It's an 8-week course where I explain how to approach a stylized character - and it really doesn't matter what level of Zbrush you have at the moment. We will be starting from a sphere in Zbrush and will end up with a fully rendered character inside Marmoset.

The course is mostly focused on Zbrush, but I'm also giving away a free texturing/marmoset lessons, so everyone is able to present their stunning new characters.

During 8 weeks of the course you'll develop a diverse skillset (yes, from Zero to Hero!) that is applicable in a variety of projects, from human figures to hard-surface techniques that will help you to optimize your workflow. And if you were w