Zbrush 2018 Beta WheelBike
Marlon r nunez final01
Marlon r nunez final02
Marlon r nunez final 360
Marlon r nunez final04
Marlon r nunez final05
Marlon r nunez final03
Marlon r nunez final06
Zbrush 2018 Beta WheelBike

I had the privilege to be part of the beta testing of the new Zbrush 2018. Thanks to the guys from Pixologic for letting me be part of it.
Hope you guys like it, playing with Project primitives is super fun :D
Zbrushcentral: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?187013-MrNunez-Sketchbook&p=1229711&viewfull=1#post1229711

More artwork
Marlon r nunez thumbMarlon r nunez thumbMarlon r nunez sculpt keyshot main